• 2x ElectroStatic drivers
  • 2x  BA drivers (1x woofer, 1x tweeter)
  • Sensitivity: 107dB @ 1kHz / 1mW
  • 2 pin 0.78mm connector
  • Ergonomic 3D printed housing

The very first Dual ElectroStatic & Balanced Armature hybrid IEM in the world, released in 2018!


EST: Diverging from the norm, DES at its heart includes 2 electrostatic drivers wired with their own step-up transformer all housed together in 1 shell, enabling non-dedicated amplification unlike other electrostatic based systems. Exuding a like-no-other treble that transcends far beyond anything balanced armatures have ever ventured to, the electrostatic tweeters are truly a force to be reckoned with.

Ergonomic 3D constructed: constructed based on the scan of more than 70 pairs of impressions handpicked for this sole purpose, the average is tailored to not only properly include all the sophisticated components within, but also to deliver comfortable long listening hours. No space wasted, DES’s housing design strives to achieve what custom-made IEMs can.


R acoustical impedance adaptor: designed solely for the purpose of keeping the utmost balance between the lows and highs while pushing the super-treble even further, DES Reference’s is proud to be the first and only in the world impedance adaptor that tweaks the whole spectrum from top to bottom. To top it off, the adaptor is completely replaceable, enabling users to experience the raw signature that suits a professional environment.

S 4 Bas in unison: unlike the Reference version, Signature strives for that colored, fun sounding kind of signature, thus the increased number of drivers. With a completely different configuration, Signature brings about the shoe-tapping feeling with the help of 2 micro subwoofers that’s originally designed for accuracy. Mids is gently elevated to encompass that slight touch of emotion when listening to vocal genres. Needless to say, the treble is rendered with authority, energetic yet pleasing, powerful yet beautiful at the same time.