Versailles: Breaking the boundary of sound, transcending what already existing hybrid IEMs can do. Portable audio will never be the same!

The epitome of sound

Our aim has always been to achieve a perfect symbiosis of great sound ever since we founded Soranik. Creating perfect sound is our passion, and both the Versailles and Bastille are exactly the statue of our constant innovations, breaking from the norms to accomplish the unfathomable sound quality.

State of the art tuning

True Tubeless

Ever since the first pair of IEM was made, tubing has long been the only approach at transmitting sound into ear canals. It is usually either each driver that has its own dedicated sound tube, or 2-3 drivers are grouped together and their combine sound is guided through a single tube. Such approach is common due to its relatively easy production regardless of users’ ear anatomies.

Howver from the standpoint of sound reproduction, using tubes would hinder drivers’ performance and ruin sound quality. The most common problem is impedance mismatching among drivers as sound wave travels along sound tubes. One method is using impedance adaptors at the sound bore’s opening, which is only applicable for single tubing designs. The best solution is removing tubing altogether, allowing drivers to freely function as they are designed without any limitation.

True Crossoverless

The best (passive) crossover is no crossover. Such sentiment has been shared among many enthusiastic audiophiles for decades, especially when either first or second order passive crossover being used in the circuit.

The most common problems is loss of power and 45 degrees to 90 degrees phase mismatch. There are several solutions but none is as ideal as removing the whole passive network altogether. The result would be no more power loss nor phase mismatch, no more unwanted distortion whatsoever. All drivers cover the whole frequency range seamlessly.


  •       1x magnetostatic tweeter, 1x 8mm dynamic driver

  •       Nominal Impedance: 16ohm

  •       Sensitivity: 92dB @ 1kHz / 1mW

  •       2 pin 0.78mm connector


3D tuning
versailles tubeless
true crossoverless