Fatigue over time

When you seal a miniature speaker in an ear canal, the air inside becomes trapped. As the speaker produces sound, it moves the air and causes the eardrum to work excessively. The pressure exerted on the eardrum causes ear fatigue, also known as listener fatigue. A.I.R (Air Impact Relief) relieves this pressure, allowing the eardrum to move naturally, so you can comfortably listen longer.

Adjustable bass relief 

Thanks to the intricate design with miniature compartments split into 3 parts inside each module, the A.I.R modules come in 3 levels of bass relief: -0dB, -5dB, and -15dB .  Each of our in-ear monitors is built with a specific set of A.I.R module in mind, however, our standard external apex modules are designed to be replaceable, so you can rotate between levels of isolation and sound flavors.

Perfect noise reduction

Regardless of the level of Air Impact Relief, noise isolation remains the same as that of a conventional IEM/CIEM. Thanks to the use of split compartments, sound pressure travelling back and forth is dampened at each stage, only a minimal amount is allowed to passed through which is negligible when the vibration reaches your eardrum.