The very first Balanced Membrane integrated IEMs in the world with detachable 2 pin sockets and 3D printed housing.


Following the success of the BMT, it is no wonder that Balanced Armature is masterfully added to the mix, and not only 1 but 2!

iON-3 Pro

The very first hybrid Balanced Membrane & Balanced Armature IEM in the world with A.I.R modules and 3D printed housing.


Meet MEMS-2, the groundbreaking IEMs that leverage the power of dual distinct MEMS design configurations that come from different manufacturers, for an unparalleled audio experience.


“a portable full-sized headphone reminiscent experience” is what users refer to the MEMS-3S. Unlike other IEMs that are using conventional drivers, the MEMS-3S makes full use of MEMS speakers’ advantages to become a like-no-other audiophile experience.

iON-4 Pro

Pure Balanced Armature IEM designed specifically for performing live on-stage, with 4 drivers and A.I.R modules.


The very first Dual ElectroStatic & Balanced Armature hybrid IEM in the world, released in 2018!


Breaking the boundary of sound, transcending what already existing hybrid IEMs can do. Portable audio will never be the same again!