•       1x xMEMS microspeaker, 1x USOUND microspeaker

  •       2 pin 0.78mm connector

  •       3D printed ergonomic shells


Introducing MEMS-3, a groundbreaking leap in audio technology. For the first time ever, experience the unparalleled immersion of fully open-back Hybrid MEMS in-ear speakers that allow air to effortlessly radiate in and out, delivering a natural soundstage, unmatched transparency, and a sensation that transcends conventional boundaries!


Thanks to the advanced silicon fabrication process, MEMS microspeakers offer significant advantages in terms of size, energy efficiency, sound quality, and reliability. With their compact size and ultra-thin profiles, they are well-suited for space-constrained applications. They also deliver high-quality sound reproduction, thanks to precise movement and accurate frequency response.


World’s first monolithic TRUE MEMS speakers, implementing the entire speaker in silicon.


Extreme bandwidth Hi-res Audio microspeakers, capable of delivering up to 80kHz.

Hybrid MEMS

Get the best of both worlds with our state-of-the-art MEMS-3 that seamlessly combine the power of Balanced Armatures and MEMS micro speakers. Immerse yourself in rich, well-defined audio with the clarity and crisp highs and mids of MEMS micro speakers technology, while Balanced Armature deliver powerful, resonant bass. This perfect synergy delivers a harmonious blend of deep bass, crisp mids, and sparkling highs, ensuring an immersive and unparalleled listening experience discerning audio enthusiasts

Fully Open Back Signature

Similar to Open-back headphones, IES models can create more natural and expansive soundstage than conventional occluded IEMs. The open ear cups allow sound waves to escape and interact freely with the environment, preventing the trapped feeling that closed IEMs can sometimes create. The lack of a closed enclosure minimizes internal reflections and unnatural resonances within the sound chamber and the ear canal, produces a more natural and balanced sound compared to closed models which can sound more colored or distorted, providing a sense of spaciousness and depth in the audio presentation, as well as a very wide and spacious soundstage than any normal IEMs can.


  •       1x xMEMS microspeaker, 1x USOUND microspeaker

  •       2 pin 0.78mm connector

  •       3D printed ergonomic shells 
3D tuning
true hybrid tubeless
true crossoverless