•       1x xMEMS microspeaker, 1x USOUND microspeaker

  •       2 pin 0.78mm connector

  •       3D printed ergonomic shells


Breaking the boundary of sound reproduction. Portable audio will never be the same!

Made of silicon

Thanks to the advanced silicon fabrication process, MEMS microspeakers offer significant advantages in terms of size, energy efficiency, sound quality, and reliability. With their compact size and ultra-thin profiles, they are well-suited for space-constrained applications. They also deliver high-quality sound reproduction, thanks to precise movement and accurate frequency response.


World’s first monolithic TRUE MEMS speakers, implementing the entire speaker in silicon.


Extreme bandwidth Hi-res Audio microspeakers, capable of delivering up to 80kHz.

True Crossoverless

The best (passive) crossover is no crossover at all. Such sentiment has been shared among many enthusiastic audiophiles for decades, especially when first order passive crossovers are used in the circuit.

The most common problems is loss of power and 45 degrees to 90 degrees phase mismatch, which is virtually unavoidable unless all passive filters are removed. As such, Soranik MEMS-2 is totally free of crossovers or even passive components! The result would be no more power loss nor phase mismatch, no more unwanted distortion whatsoever. All MEMS drivers cover the whole frequency range seamlessly.

Perfect pairing with iFi Audio Diablo X

The iFi Audio Diablo-X is the first DAC/amp on the market to support the revolutionary xMEMS solid state monolithic speaker technology.

The Diablo-X sports fully balanced 4.4mm outputs with 4,100mW of power, Able to drive all manner of headphones with ease, including those incorporating the new XMEMs tech.


  •       1x xMEMS microspeaker, 1x USOUND microspeaker

  •       2 pin 0.78mm connector

  •       3D printed ergonomic shells 
3D tuning
true hybrid tubeless
true crossoverless