· 1x magnetostatic super-tweeter, 2x Balanced Armature tweeter 1x 8mm dynamic driver
· Nominal Impedance: 28ohm
· Sensitivity: 107dB @ 1kHz / 1mW
· 2 pin 0.78mm connector
· Ergonomic 3D printed housing

3D printed shell:

Tri-brid Technology: 3 different types of driver, triple the fun. Taking what we learnt from the iON-2, output amplitude is hugely benefited from having BA in the setup. To top it off, the creamy mids and sparkling treble of BA add a fine touch to the whole signature. Organic yet accurate, the iON-4x combines the best of  3 technologies into 1.

Balanced Membrane:

Balanced Membrane, the heart of the iON-2, is a hybrid construction of a magnetostatic driver sitting inside a dynamic driver. The purpose of this configuration is to aim for maximum consistency across the whole frequency band, with no irregularities despite having 2 different types of driver playing in unison.

Balanced Armature:

The iON-4x combines 3 types of drivers to produce the unmatched sound quality for its price range. All drivers are efficiently tuned to its best performance and intricately assembled into the shell using our own developed sound chambers which is 3D printed in-house.

Single core silver wiring:

OCC solid core silver is used for internal wiring to affirm utmost purity.



  • 1x magnetostatic super-tweeter; 2x Balanced Armature tweeters; 1x 8mm dynamic driver

  •       Nominal Impedance: 16ohm

  •       Sensitivity: 92dB @ 1kHz / 1mW

  •       2 pin 0.78mm connector
3D tuning

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