Technology Highlights

3D printing: With the rise of the 3D printing revolution, the application is endless and Soranik is not an exception.  Now with 40% of production volume and 90% of R&D tasks are done digitally, 3D printing has grown to become a necessary part of Soranik everyday work.


Tubeless & Crossoverless: Drivers, crossover & tubing all goes hand in hand and has been this way ever since the very first pair of IEM was ever invented decades ago. Nonetheless, there have been various attempts at changing the status quo, and Soranik is among the companies that strived for innovations. By completely discarding sound tubes drivers are able to freely vibrate inside housing mimicking in-room speakers. To top it off, crossovers and other passive components are also removed to ensure utmost purity of incoming signals while enabling drivers to function at their best.